Hope Florida

A Pathway to Prosperity: Uniting communities through ‘Hope Navigators’ to guide Floridians on an individualized path to prosperity, economic self-sufficiency, and hope. 


Spearheaded by First Lady Casey DeSantis, Hope Florida utilizes ‘Hope Navigators’ to guide Floridians on an individualized path to prosperity by focusing on community collaboration between the private sector, faith-based community, non-profits, and government entities, to break down traditional community silos, in an effort to maximize resources and uncover opportunities. 


Hope Navigators are essential in helping individuals identify their unique and immediate barriers to prosperity, develop long term-goals, map out a strategic plan, and work to ensure all sectors of the community have a ‘seat at the table’ and are part of the solution. 


Hope Florida’s Care Portal technology connects the needs of struggling Florida families with faith and community partners. A Hope Navigator identifies a need, inputs it into the Care Portal, and a real-time message is sent to all participating organizations.  

Beneficiaries include, but are not limited to, struggling single parents, pregnant mothers battling addiction, children aging out of the foster care system, and foster and adoptive parents. 

Resiliency Florida

The Resiliency Florida initiative rebrands and rethinks the way mental health is taught in schools by reframing it to “resilience” to empower students to persevere through life’s inevitable challenges.  

Continue the Mission

The Continue the Mission initiative recruits former law enforcement officers, veterans, and military spouses to be child protective investigators, Department of Children and Families case managers, and mentors to children in need. This initiative provides flexible career opportunities for former law enforcement, veterans, and military spouses who still have a desire to serve their communities.

The Facts. Your Future.

The Facts. Your Future. campaign reinvents how substance abuse is taught in schools from “Just say no to drugs to “Just say no to drugs, and here’s why.”  

Florida Cancer Connect

In August 2022, First Lady Casey DeSantis launched Florida Cancer Connect. During her own battle with cancer, she realized the need for a centralized hub for patients and caretakers to access information on cancer care, detection, prevention, research, and treatment. The Florida Cancer Connect website,, provides those battling cancer with tools and information, including national statistics, prevention materials, and event opportunities to bring greater awareness to cancer.
Florida Cancer Connect will help Floridians:

Hope for Healing

The Hope for Healing initiative was launched in May of 2019. It is a multi-agency effort and community collaboration to address mental health and substance abuse by creating a simplified process for Floridians, particularly children, veterans, and first responders, to locate resources and information.